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    Electronics and micro controllers

    We make Electronic and Micro controllers enrich software and wearable solutions.

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    Flap Balloon

    Try floating the balloon through the obstacles. The more harder it is to play,

    the more you will enjoy how far you came..

who we are

Evensel-IT is a products based software development company. Products include mobile applications for any mobile platform, game development for mobile, desktop and web/cloud. Implements new high-speed and secured communication and security protocols/frameworks to support mobile and web applications to reach the next level of performance, stability and security. Specialized in sensor networks, micro-controllers in different IOT developments such as Wearables, Textile, Automobile, Smart Homes/Buildings, Indoor navigation etc.

Company drives with innovation, passion, uniqueness and style. Keeping up with new technologies/trends coupled with innovation moves company reach goals beyond the expectations with high quality products. That's who we are.

We build apps

Flap Balloon

Flap Balloon is all about floating the balloon in the air. User can keep the balloon by simply tapping on the screen.The objective is to avoid the obstacles by going through them..

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Shoot the Flurry

Interesting game with rich graphics. You will find this new invention of shooting. Concept of saving the areas and selecting different kind of weapons will make you more impressive while playing the game..

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Motor claiming is not an overhead for anyone anymore. This app give solutions to several of key issues in the claiming process. We have made it more convenient for clients and controllable for companies..


Next level image capturing has no boundaries. Anywhere in the world you just need the consent of other one to capture images from his mobile cam..

our service

Insurance Process Automation

High speed file transfer protocols

High security communication platforms

Responsive Web applications

Mobile applications

Branding Solutions

Electronics and micro controllers

We make electronic and microcontrollers enriched software and wearable solutions. Now micro controllers and software can never stand separately without contributing each other for various day today requirements. Embedded systems plays a vital role in today's life and possibilities are immense less. IOT supposed to be prominent in this industry near future...



VCom is a cloud based audio, video, files and message communication platform.


By using ETrace we can remotely monitor and ritive running status of a android application..


FmtFe is a technoloty which is usefull for mobile apps which rapidly changes ui..


Hftp is a file transfering protocol which can use to transfer files much faster than..

our latest work



Mobile Applications

Digital Drawings


Easy Claim

Mobile Applications

Shoot the Flurry

Mobile Gaming

Our Clients

Allianz Insurance

Orient Insurance

Ceylinco Insurance

Micro Cars Ltd

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